Twelfth Night

“The play seems as we read it to tremble perpetually on the brink of music”

Virginia Woolf  

“Music heard so deeply that it is not heard at all,

but you are the music while the music lasts”


Twelfth Night will make it’s world premiere at the Festival de Teatro Clasico de Almagro as part of the ALMAGRO OFF 

It will then make is UK premiere this September at Dartington in Devon. Tickets are now on sale and can be booked here.

The show is played with six young actors, who merge acoustic music with spoken language revealing the pain and ecstasy of falling in love for the first time. The actors play all the music; they never leave the stage. Our tale explores love’s madness and our deep human need for music, whilst catching transgender inclinations, emotional transgressions and impossibly romantic reunions. As the love stories are played out, a seemingly harmless prank goes horribly wrong resulting in a tragic fall from grace.

Our Twelfth Night is a direct response to our last show, Hamlet. In that production the ghost of his father lived inside Hamlet himself;  in our Twelfth Night, Antonio – the angel of chance – lives inside Orsino. As a company we have been immersed in grief and trauma for the last two years and are now turning our creative forces toward expressing love, music and romance. We finished Hamlet with the ghost of the drowned Ophelia speaking her own narrative to her brother, ‘I am drowned Laertes’. We begin Twelfth Night with the near drowned Viola as if picking up directly from where we left off. With the same actors again playing brother and sister we are exploring – as Shakespeare did – where a narrative of courage and hope can lead us as the twins are reunited at the end of the play.

With nothing but benches to sit on, instruments to play and costumes and props that may have been washed up on a beach, the actors create an authentic, funny and moving experience for a 21st Century audience.

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Cast and Creatives 

Kelly Hunter

Tom Chapman


Tom Chapman

Finlay Cormack

Oliver Grant

Adan Llorca

Gloria Obiayno

Francesca Zoutewelle

R&D Cast and Creatives
Aretha Ayeh
Tom Chapman
Finlay Cormack
Edward Harrison
Joshua James
Francesca Zoutewelle


Twelfth Night R&D February 2017