Twelfth Night

Adapted by Kelly Hunter and Tom Chapman

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Bonnington Square Gardens, 9th June. Book here:

Spring/Summer 2018  Tour includes International Shakespeare Festival Craiova in April 2018.

International Shakespeare Festival Craiova


and  Neuss Globe Germany in June 2018

Shakespeare im Globe Neuss Festival

“Primera mención: Twelfth Night, de la Compañía Flute Theatre (Reino Unido), adaptación y dirección de Kelly Hunter, por la armonía de todos los elemento que construyen la escena; por su calidad poética; por tratarse de una propuesta libre, arriesgada y contemporánea que conmueve mediante las interpretaciones, la música, el vestuario, la escenografía y el atrezzo. Desde la sencillez han sabido ofrecer un trabajo muy cuidado y expresivo”.

The show is played with six  actors, who merge acoustic music with spoken language revealing the pain and ecstasy of falling in love for the first time. The actors play all the music; they never leave the stage. Our tale explores love’s madness and our deep human need for music, as the love stories are played out, a seemingly harmless prank goes horribly wrong resulting in a tragic fall from grace.

Our Twelfth Night is a direct response to our last show – Hamlet, and has at it’s heart an homage to Primo Levi’s explorations of The Drowned and the Saved. At the end of our production of Hamlet the ghost of the drowned Ophelia walks the stage as she haunts Laertes, speaking her own narrative to her brother. We begin Twelfth Night with the same iconography, the near drowned Viola searching for her brother, only to be saved from tragedy and welcomed into Illyria with a freezing cold bucket of water, a clown and a musical odyssey. Shakespeare wrote both plays in the same year; echoes of love and madness appear to speak to each other across the two stories. The drowned Ophelia becomes the Saved Viola. Saved through music and love.

With nothing but benches to sit on, instruments to play and costumes and props that may have been washed up on a beach, our production is entirely site sympathetic. The actors create an authentic, funny and moving experience for a 21st Century audience.

Cast and Creatives 

Director & Adaption    Kelly Hunter

Composer     Tom Chapman

Lighting Designer   Jenny Roxburgh

Company Stage Manager    Carmel Macaree

Producer    Emma Groome



Tom Chapman – Orsino

Finlay Cormack – Maria

Paul Gorostidi – Sebastian/Sir Andrew

Richard Leeming – Malvolio

Bathsheba Piepe – Olivia/Sir Toby

Paula Rodriguez – Viola

Joshua Sneesby – Antonio

R&D Cast and Creatives
Aretha Ayeh
Tom Chapman
Finlay Cormack
Edward Harrison
Joshua James
Francesca Zoutewelle