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A privilege to be there, clearly exceptional and important work. 

Deborah Warner CBE



There’s nothing out of place in this charismatic and energetic show, which turned out to be an incredible experience from start to finish. I sincerely hope this isn’t the last time this production is performed on British shores; this fresh and vibrant tour-de-force spectacle truly deserves to be seen by a much wider audience. An absolute triumph.

***** LondonTheatre1
Hamlet - English Touring Theatre - Trafalgar Studios 2 - 12/06/2016


In this new version of the classic drama director Kelly Hunter and her troupe as sharp as a razor focus on the human aspect, on Hamlet’s inner life. Intelligently any dust and elements that could disturb nowadays – fencing matches, unnecessary equilibristic wordplay and a long row of supporting characters – are removed.

Left in the middle of it all stands a tortured Hamlet on the night where his mother and his uncle have married – only a short while after the death of Hamlets father. He breaks down in front of our eyes. Obsessed with the past and thoughts of revenge, desperate and lonely he sneaks on stage before time – in that way he is in place before we are. This is his world, not ours. Mark Arends plays a very physical, very moving Hamlet, a man on the edge – of a meltdown, of perdition.

Jesper Munch Nielson. Elsinore Daily News

Photo Jacob Christien Hansen

Presented in association  with English Touring Theatre. 




The Tempest 

Kelly Hunter’s brilliantly interactive adaptation of The Tempest for children with autism is fantastic fun

***** Coventry Telegraph

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LLiure Teatro Barcelona March 2017


The Tempest has been specially created for an audience of children and young people on the autism spectrum and their parents and carers. The games are based on The Hunter Heartbeat method, created by Kelly Hunter. SHAKESPEARE’S HEARTBEAT


For Flute Theatre

Artistic Director Kelly Hunter

Designer Anthony Lamble

Company Stage Manager & Producer Paula Salmon

Assistant Directors Jamie Billings, George Siena

Original Founders Kelly Hunter and Emma Richards

Karen Calamaro
Jane Claire
Michael Dobson
Talia Rodgers

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