Barcelona, Spain

"If they asked me for a wish, I would live in this feeling forever" 
Parent, after our performance July 22nd 2018

Following our performance at Teatre Lliure in April 2018, we returned to Barcelona in July this year in partnership with AADPC


We worked with  the children and families of Tot por tu, a mothers group of children with autism in Montcada i Reixac, a small village outside the city. AADPC gave the opportunity for their actors to learn the Hunter Heartbeat games and create  a version  of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, onces more in Catalan. The actors and children performed at the Espai Cultural Kursaal on July 22nd and the results for everyone were extraordinary.

Some of the actors are now visiting one family on a weekly basis to play with their son, who is making more eye contact and speaking with increasing joy on each visit.

We will be returning to develop these connections as soon as possible.